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Nitro Steel Fixers is a name synonymous with outstanding commercial construction projects and steel fixing reinforcement.

We offer the services of the most qualified nitro steel fixers in all of Sydney to ensure durability and optimal functionality. It is our guarantee that our steel fixing and reinforcement services will give your building project strength and structural integrity unlike any other.

With over 20 years in business, you can rest assured you are in safe hands with us.

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We specialize in the field of superior quality, ultra durable steel fixing reinforcements. Our reinforcements give unmatched strength to new building projects.



Our professionals are skilled in collaborating with builders, architects and civil engineers in shaping up a successful construction project.



So if you are planning to invest in a commercial construction project, and wish to make sure it is a successful one, you can always trust Nitro Steel Fixers.


Mitch (Belmore)

I had limited knowledge of the project I was doing, but working with Nitro have been a pleasant experience. They advised us on what materials would be good for our projects and we were very happy with our end result. Big ups to Themi and his working team.

Dimitri (Liverpool)

Great customer service from Themi and his team, have never had any issues working with them. They were efficient and never left a mess after going home each day. I had a pleasant experience working with Nitro Steel fixing. Would give them a thumbs up.

Will (Camden)

I found Nitro to be very experienced, a dedicated team with professional customer service. They have always made sure each job was provided efficiently and supplied on time. We have never hesitated to contact them again and again.

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